Dreams And Reality

August 31, 2010
My Dreams & Memories are taking over my reality,
and i don't think its such a good thing,
it could be my affection for love, or my allergies,
and i don't think it's such a good thing,
i gotta get wit it, i gotta get back to actuality,
and i know thats a good thing,
I get girls, i get all dat sexuality,
and that is a good thing,
people who give me hospitality,
now thats a good thing,
makin me feel comfortable, like sensuality,
that has always been a good thing.

I need to head into the future,
need to think about it,
you all know i would never wanna hurt her,
i don't even gotta tell you about it,
i say i would always love her,
oh, you better believe it,
u say i don't believe her,
i always make the best of that,
all i know is that i love her.
best believe that!

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