September 10, 2010
By Jfulton360 SILVER, Ben Lomond, California
Jfulton360 SILVER, Ben Lomond, California
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Favorite Quote:
"Some times the Hardest things and the Right things are the same"- the Fray

What will you do?
When no words come to you?
How will you go about
Your life everyday?
When people silence
The things you have to say?
Taped your mouth shut,
Noise now cut
What will you do?
When people hush you?
Is that the way you wish to be?
Quieter then a cemetery,
You struggle for your voice
But no one hears you,
No words leave you
If you can not defend yourself
With words as knives
How are you to live?
How do you survive when the world
Has guns, and you? - Have none?
Argue for the right to speak
Stand up for us
What will you do- when everybody
Silences you?
How much will the world
Have changed in
Your view?

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