Sad is such an easy thing to say

September 10, 2010
By Livelovelaughl BRONZE, Oejrh, Pennsylvania
Livelovelaughl BRONZE, Oejrh, Pennsylvania
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I try to stay strong
Keep all my emotions locked up
That doesn’t work though
It just brings me more sadness, I want to erupt

Sometimes I feel so empty, though
No emotions at all
Life seems pointless
I just want to fall

Why do I feel so empty?
Why do I feel so cold?
It feels like I met the devil
All my emotions he stole

I want to feel again
Something, anything will do
Pain, sadness, heartache
Are all better than nothing, you know it’s true

I made of tin
Born with no heart
If only I could feel just one ounce of pain
Atleast that could be a start

They say express your feelings
But what if I have none to express?
Now, I want to feel pain
To you, this I confess

I have no pain
Nope, no regrets
I don’t know if I’ll feel again
This is what I fret

The people that love me
Unfortunately, I don’t care
I want to, but can’t
This what I bear

I don’t cry anymore
I know it wants to come out
I just won’t let it
The other me, just wants to shout

Who am I supposed to be
In this small, little world?
If the world is so small, than so am I
What can I do, I’m just a stupid girl

To end this off,
I say “I don’t know what to feel”
One day I pray this will change
God, let’s make a deal

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