Gone, Gone, Gone

September 18, 2010
By Iamalff BRONZE, O&#39Fallon, Missouri
Iamalff BRONZE, O&#39Fallon, Missouri
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You never knew how hard it was to see you walk away
You left me when I was already alone,
Never a doubt in your mind, nothing left to say.
You looked at me like you never knew who I was.
Did you forget all the times where I finally felt alive?
The hours we spent at the park?
How about those times where you held me all night?
You just put me in the back of your mind.
After all that time, how could your memory be that blank?
Do you look at her like you stared at me?
Now when I look at you, there’s nothing to see.
There’s no smile in your eyes.
All I can see are your lies.
And I wish I could say that I hate you,
But I could never do that to you
And I know that’s something you’ll always know.

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