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September 5, 2010
By rachelnicole GOLD, Arlington, Texas
rachelnicole GOLD, Arlington, Texas
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"Maybe My Heart Really Didn't Skip A Beat....And Maybe The Twinkle In Your Eye Was The Sun Reflecting Weird, And Maybe The Feeling In My Stomach Was Just Not Having Enough For Breakfast...And Maybe I just Thought It Was Love"

who i am is a young woman trying to find herself.
who i am is is a young woman who is lost and alone in this world.
who i am is someone that doesnt like being in love because true love only exsist in fairy tales.
who i am is an innocent person that is blinded by love and the person that loves e.
who i am is a shy silent girl that loves to stand out in a crowd.
who i am is the type of girl that expresses herself through poetry and song.
who i am is the type of girl everyone loves and the type of girl that doesnt let anyone stand in her way.
who i am is the type of girl that is tough enough to where you don't wanna mess with her, but the type of girl that is so lovable and sweet.
who i am now is who i wanna be.

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