Stop trying to overshadow me!

September 8, 2010
By Cupcakealia BRONZE, Islamabad, Other
Cupcakealia BRONZE, Islamabad, Other
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Favorite Quote:
that is creepy on so many levels!!

Blooming with my innocent smiles
little things,hapiness in abundance
hidden feelings none,displayed bliss
silently drawn in a bed of roses

Unaware,rejoicing in my life
your arrival,complete disaster
Now looking back today i cry
why was my delight shouting to you?

Not meant to be perfect,I was me
Not glamorous,not a whiz at maths
not an athletic champ,nor einstein
life was the way i wanted....

Messy,careless,fun-loving too
snobby,upturned,comforting,was I
You were all thats meant to be
as far as human eye could see

Shining like the brightest star
came winding along the path
do you ever realise,i have lost
confidence,now i have none

Leave me alone,let me away
from your vicious mind,back me away
Impressive,you may be,but iam me
STOP trying to overshadow me!!!

The author's comments:
Some people aren't just comfortable with being themselves which is why they rush out to capture everyone else's personality traits.I wrote it with those kind of people in mind.

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