Before the End

August 14, 2010
By Flowne SILVER, Bedford, Virginia
Flowne SILVER, Bedford, Virginia
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You and me?
They said we were cute.
But is that only on the outside?
Or do we really hate each other on the inside?
I love you, this I do know!
But is it possible that my hate might outgrow?
This is a certain fact. I am sure of that.
I will try my best though.
Not sure if my abilities are quite enough.
I will stand and fight.
Through whatever odds but will I fail?
People doubt me yet don't understand me.
They think we are just a bunch of scrubs.
Unparalleled judgment yet without testament.
I cry when my heart is bent and my mind is unsettled.
What I need to calm them is no longer an object of affection.
I whisper into the dark, hoping a small ear could catch my scream.
Hearing my plea and calling back to me.
The words only repeated however.
Always saying the same thing.
"Now is not the time to break down".
The voice was warming though, I shall say.
Caught my heart into a whirl.
A bright light.
A beacon of hope.
My world twists and warps until I'm close.
Closer to you that is.
My shining star.
You guide my soul back into me at night.
So that I may continue to see your face when I wake.
The beauty of what my hands hold those mornings.
Are uncontested memories that break me down.
And make me dizzy. So feather light, my head begins to be.
You make me float, not a bit of gravity.
I twirl and flip at the first sight of your eyes.
Penetrating deep within.
This empty shell, once was but now.
Full of life, thanks to your vow.
I remain truly yours if you shall keep it.
'Til death do us part.

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