I asked you to be my nothing because nothing lasts forever

September 4, 2010
It all started on the fourth of November,
All the cherished days I will forever remember.
I always think I can never love you more than I do,
But each and everyday I find a way too.
You always bring tears of happiness to my eyes,
With just the thought of having you in my life.
You are my air when I forget how to breathe,
You clothe my cold arms with your warm sleeves.
You are the only person that I’ll ever see,

The only person I’ll ever need.
You are my world that I’d die to keep,
The reason I smile as I fall asleep.

And in the morning, as I wake by your side,
I’m in the best place in the world looking into your eyes.
From here I know our lives are tied,
Forever and always I’ll be by your side.
A long journey awaits us that we both will start,
Hand in hand and heart by heart.
Our love cannot be conquered, for it is far to clever,
I asked you to be my nothing because nothing lasts forever.
I love you, so much more than you know,
I thought I had limits, but for you my love will always grow.

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