The Demon with the Angel's Name

September 4, 2010
By Meg17 GOLD, Gahanna, Ohio
Meg17 GOLD, Gahanna, Ohio
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Hurt is apart of a humorous game,
Played by a demon with an angel's name.
Black wings spread, mouth cut into a vicious grin,
Rubbing it's gnarled hands together, waiting for the game to begin.
A word, a sentence, then comes the pain,
The beginning for the demon with the angel's name.
His laughter comes out like the sound of hope dimming,
As the pain grows, he knows he's winning.
Lies pour out, accusations to cause shame,
Another round goes to the demon with the angel's name.
His black night eyes swallow all belief,
Causing more harm, crying, and grief.
Physical harm, distubing pain,
Power is given to the demon with the angel's name.
Someone comes through the door, shining bright,
The demon closes his eyes against the light.
She picks the broken heart up and puts it together again, ending the pain, the shame, the guilt and the game,
Falls to the ground, defeated, the demon with the angel's name.

The author's comments:
I don't know where this came from, like most of my poems, but it didn't take very long to write. Enjoy :)

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