A Face

August 27, 2010
By Anonymous

A Face
On a doll
A beautiful face
but a plastic one
in it’s beautiful smile

A doll
a beautiful doll
a plastic doll
nine inches
With too much blonde hair
way more that anyone could have

A dress
a beautiful dress
but a small one
The doll becomes
a princess
a mermaid
a fairy
a wizard
the president
in the dress

The doll is captured
by the evil queen
she can’t get out
Oh no!
my sister shrieks
the doll
her voice

Would it be uncomfortable
to be a puppet on a string?
to have a comparatively large hand
around your waist?
moving your arms
your legs?
To have your voice
Your thoughts
thought for you?
if you have them.

I get carried away
dolls can’t think
dolls are plastic, nothing more

Her plastic, painted face
has a knowing smile.
She knows,
She smiles becuase
She helps open up worlds.

The author's comments:
Yeah, yeah, barbie dolls are bad for girls self-esteem. But what if they never noticed her teeny waist and huge chest? What if she was something else to them?

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