August 27, 2010
By Babina BRONZE, Leesburg, Virginia
Babina BRONZE, Leesburg, Virginia
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Favorite Quote:
"Change is the only constant"

Tears stream down her beautiful face
She does not understand why everything is wrong, so out of place,
What used to be beauty now turned to dust?
Where once existed love now resides, lust.
Purity and chastity, once honorable prizes,
Now foul things that everyone despises.
Murder and theft now commonly occurs
To take a life or not, whichever they prefer.
Who are they to play God? To decide who live and who dies
Shedding one's blood, hurting them, leading to their demise.
Judging one another
Not acting like sister and brother.
Now so shallow and vain, judgmental.
You are judged as you judge, coincidental?
Then there are those who lie right to our faces
"Politicians", we call them. Their lies come in cases
"Sweetening up" the deal, make promises. To fix. To do something.
But do they do anything? Of course not, nothing!
Differences are rather unwelcome, inferior
People who look the same, superior.
"Racism" we call it,
Cries against it are frequent but everyone ignores it.
When did everything stop being so simplistic?
Love one another; help each other, simple isn't it?
Apparently not, however as no one follows this
What ever happened to Eden? What ever happened to internal bliss?
War. People dying. People killing.
So common a practice that no one is worrying.
Do you wonder why she cries now? I do not,
She sees the pile of bodies in the battle field covered in blood, those who fought.
She sees the greed that exists in everyone’s eyes
She sees how people kill one another, people they despise.
She sees people treated differently because of their race.
She sees all this, unsure she can keep in pace.
She sees the politicians making promises they know they could never keep.
She sees all this, it causes her to weep.
Her innocence is corrupted like the government of a third world country

So she cries.
The tears of a five year old girl, who does not want to be a part of our sick, distorted, disastrous world.

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