Through My Eyes

August 30, 2010
By ilovelifebabyyy BRONZE, Succasunna, New Jersey
ilovelifebabyyy BRONZE, Succasunna, New Jersey
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I sit here and watch as you cause him so much pain. Tears stroll down his cheeks, and you just sit there like it's normal for his eyes to rain.
I can't go on anymore watching you tear his soul apart,
but he loves you so much, he keeps patching up his heart.

You say what he does to you is beyond any words,
but how can I believe someone who's own lips tend to hurt?
He's almost like a clock, and he changes himself to keep things going.
But I can see that you truly love him without anybody even knowing.

You think that he deserves better, so you try to make things stop.
But while he's falling more and more in love with you, you bring him down, from the top.
Have you ever noticed, what he does when you point out his flaws?
He just goes and changes himself, again, overall.

So I continue to sit here, and watch you cause him so much pain.
As tears stroll down his cheeks, I catch a glimpse of a smile across his face..

This is what I see through my eyes.

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