Hey Mama

August 24, 2010
By , milford, NJ
Hey Mama what’s wrong with your ocean blue eyes?
Hey Mama whats wrong with your glowing smile?
It feels like I haven’t seen them in a while,
Throwing glares at your child.

Hey Mama, can you please, give a kiss for me,
To show me nothing’s wrong, to show me nothing's gone?
Mama can you hear me through the rough and broken wind?
Mama, can you see me through the harsh and furious waves?
I need you know, more than ever,
So please give me a sign of your amenity.

Hey Mama, I’m on the cliff of irrationality
Hanging on by the last threads of these delusions.
As mania and madness creep their way into my skull sending shivers in my soul.
Hey Mama, do you care, anymore, for me?
Hey Mama, would it be the end of you if I
Changed my ways and became just like you?
This placebo of love you think you’re living off,
Was broken by my fall, the crash, the blood.
Chemicals, chemicals, never more, please not any more, can’t take it anymore.
Must I die in my lunacy,
Conquered by hysteria and the never ending nights?

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