August 29, 2010
To thrive in modern society seems to be an unreachable goal.
Made out to be impossible,

But not possibly that hard.
Sometimes one wonders…

How lazy, how beaten, how trampled,
How sad must people be?
To drift along in complacency,
Follow the road most traveled,
Wallow in the mire of mediocrity?
Violent effort shatters the template.
Where so many fail, a hard working man may flourish,
May forge success through his own malcontent;
Building on the foundation of the weak.
To reject complacency
Strengthens resolve,
Cultivates intellect,
Promotes valor,
Stimulates fierce success.
We will not follow the crowd;
To conform is ill-suited for the independent mind.
We have waited,
We have watched,
We have learned of the self-inflicted, sub-human segregation of the compliant.
We have chosen the difficult course,

And from the rigor of labor comes the ecstasy of success.

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