The Heart Beats On

August 28, 2010
thump. thump.
the heart beats on.

thump. thump.
that pattern marked in stone.

why, why
does it still hurt me so?

even though-
thump, thump,
-and on and on.

following a thin road
i just keep moving forward.

and thump, thump,
the hearts beats on.

enclosing, surrounding,
but still it's there.

and on and on.

with every breath
new oxygen is born.

feeding blood cells within
and urging the beating on.

rushing and churning
my world is spinning.

we're on opposite sides,
but i keep walking that road.

so for you my heart beats on and on.

the chemicals
that bind my mind to reality
won't let my heart pretend.
won't let me stay the naive fool
that i would like to be.

thump. thump.
the heart beats on.

the world around me,
hurting, tearing.
won't let my mind be still.

the complications i'm enduring
keep beating against my will.

but slowly...thump thump.
the heart beats on.

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