Cherries In Her Hair

August 28, 2010
By miss-poli GOLD, Bowdon, Georgia
miss-poli GOLD, Bowdon, Georgia
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there are cherries in her hair
and with cherries in her hair
she walks without a care
to places others do not dare
to even think about and she will bear
witness to the rare
occurrence of God taking on the Dare

Because God did take on a dare
when he put cherries in her hair
when he made her without care
when he gave her eyes to glare
when he made her feel so rare

why would God take on that dare?
to give that girl with the cherries in her hair
such a unique and daring air
such beauty and skin so fair
such a lack of all despair
why did he have to be unfair?

was it because God was unfair
that she thought she needn't say a prayer
or that she needn't her glories share
or that to her there were none that would compare?

was that why she was unaware
that when her "friends" told her to beware
they were really telling her to prepare?

did she know too well that none could compare?
did she throw around her boastful air?
did she make her friends aware
that her shining and her flair
were not worth the tedious affair?
did she make her friends compare
the situation they couldn't bear
to a situation without her there?

was she too stupid to repair
the fights her friends would declare?
was she waiting for new friends out of thin air
to come and replace her laissez faire?

did she know she'd be in the house of prayer
the very next Sunday in a church of compressed air
but not in a blue Sunday dress so fair
and without cherries in her hair
instead in a coffin fresh from an electric chair
because she could never learn to be nice and share

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