Surreal Simplicity

August 28, 2010
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Up and up, we rose into the night
Murmuring in the dark as we held each other tight
And as we sat with the stars, way up high
My stomach turned in knots with butterflies

And in the twinkling lights strewn below
I saw her face in the pulsating glow
Brought to life by the smile on her face
The feeling was something that we could not place

That moment was something that I could've only dreamed
Holding the world as the city lights gleamed
And as our fingers intertwined, I knew right then
This was an experience I'd never have again

Everything was surreal in it's own moment of bliss
But my golden opportunity was all ready a miss
Though it must've been fate that we had met
For that was a night I will never forget

But this is just the beginning of everything to come
For you are the melody to my heart's undending drum
And when the clock struck twelve, and you had to leave
The magic of the night was hard to believe

Truly, how lucky am I?

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