In Her

August 26, 2010
What he sees in her
He doesn’t see in me
But can’t he tell
That her love is all make-believe?
Every post on your wall
Is about her
But on her’s
It’s like nothing ever changed
Yeah, you text
And always type ‘ily’s’
To each other
The word love
Is so overused these days
But I mean it when I say
I love you
You can’t see pass her cocky smile
But you when you look at mine
You just see teeth
No emotion
Or anything
It’s hard to believe that
You honestly
Don’t care about me
What you see in her
You don’t see in me
When will you realize
That my love
Isn’t make believe?

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iWriteToExpressThouqhts said...
Oct. 4, 2010 at 1:32 pm
I love this !
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