The Torrent

September 6, 2010
By thekingofmarz GOLD, Cincinnati, Ohio
thekingofmarz GOLD, Cincinnati, Ohio
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Racing, I'm not liking the route my feelings are taking.
Her physical beauty affects the thoughts I'm making.
Parallel lines as friends cross and become perpendicular
with no real shape in particular.
I drift from what is to what if
our worlds stopped with a single kiss.
She thinks and acts quite differently than me
and gains the thrill in life that she seeks.
She broke into my dreams and I realized
how the dream world correlates with real life.
Hiddend thoughts that i don't want to have
are brought to the surface to analyze and understand.
My deep lust lays hidden like a jungle cat.
and I only bury it deeper like a mole rat.
I must acknowledge that my physical want
is every bit as real as this pencil and pad.
I just hope my torrential storm will just pass...

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