Dreams that will Never Come True

August 25, 2010
You said forever, now I have dreams that will never come true. You promised always, now I'm learning to live without you. I'm trying to forget all the words you said to me, but its hard to forget all these memories. I wont take you back, but i still love you. I'm not letting you break my heart again. I told you how hard it was to trust, you said okay and to trust you. What happened to love, all of your promises? I cannot trust anyone. I don't want this life anymore. I want to forget and run away, but nothing will let me forget. Nothing will heal this scar. No love will I ever trust since you left this hand print on my heart. I was hurt and bleeding, but you left me there to die. I didn't understand at the time. And now, the one thing I can't stand is a liar. That's the only thing you turned out to be. Forever or never. Choose one of these two. You chose never, now I have dreams that will never come true.

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