Just Me Against the World

August 16, 2010
By Anonymous

In the dark
I sit
I hurt
I scream, from every aching bone in my body
Into my pillow
I turn the TV loud, so no one can hear me
Because what they don’t know can’t hurt

But the TV can’t make how I feel disappear
Right now, life as I know it, should end
I don’t belong here, its too much
The misery
The depression
It kills

Everyone says they’re here for me, but I reach, and reach, yet no one grabs my hand
I give up, or rather want to
What’s to live for?

Mama can’t stand this monster I became
Or should I say the monster she made me become
I don’t care
Brother, whoa don’t get me started, he does this and that, who take the blame? Me
Who doesn’t care? Me again
Sister wants to be here with me but I wont allow her to see me like this
Father says she does that because I’m her role model
I don’t care, I don’t want to be
Father shouldn’t be talking, he’s not here anymore
He’s out and in, and in and out,
I don’t care either
I want to take flight

To a new dimension
Where family doesn’t exists, where feelings don’t exists, where I’m not tied down

Where I don’t owe anyone anything
Guess what? I can’t
So I become someone which no one should see
Which I am not even proud to say I was
I become one of them
One of those people who, who wants to go to the other side
Just because life seems so much better when people talk bout it

But I don’t
Ever have that feeling where you find no purpose to live for?
Where there’s no one to meet you half way?
Where you officially lost everything that matters?
Yeah that feeling I know all too well
Like we know air
And it hurts

I stopped talking
I stopped eating
The only thing keeping me going, was running
I run but I can’t escape
I still try, I still run
But once you take that away, I have nothing
Having nothing is worse then having something that doesn’t matter

No one should ever have nothing, so here I am, your something
So this doesn’t happen to you, so you don’t feel erased
So you don’t feel second placed
Because in time things will change
It happened once, it can happen again

The author's comments:
i was in a great depression, and alone, no one should ever be alone.. so here i am, your friend

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