My Every Move

August 16, 2010
You're always here,
watching everything I do,
my every move.

In your eyes I've done nothing wrong,
while making every mistake,
give or take.

I display it all,
yet hide away when I feel so small.

You're never here,
never were to begin with,
but I can't stand you gone,
can't stand to feel so alone.

The more and more times I try,
the less and less I care.

My emotions scream to me:
Let me cry;

About a world I created,
something I'm so seduced by,
that I can't let go of without killing it off first.

Without learning to sink way too low,
into my own man-made hole.

Wrapped up in someone else's mind,

But none of it matters,
because you were never there,
though I continue to be cautious of everything I do,
because you still watch my every move.

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