Unseen Wall

August 16, 2010
I saw the most beautiful eyes today...
Dark green outlined in blue,
But those eyes held secrets and lies
I had to let go
and closed my own eyes
In order to spare my life.

Veins blue and purple scatter along my arms
Your love was like a stab in the back,
and these veins are my scares.

But don't think i don't cry at night,
Tears cast down my cheeks as I write.
I try to stay quiet and polite
Because theres no reason to fight.

My poor battered and broken heart,
Making it harder to breath
Replacing love with sadness,
Darkness and silence replace my happiness.

Gray skies cloud my mind
I start to lag behind,
Becoming practically blind,
Life becoming undefined.

My mind becomes twisted.
I begin to collapse on the floor
Slowly as I crumble,
Everything becomes a jumble.

But I build myself back up
Bottling it up,
My pain begins to fade,
But this wall stays up.

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