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August 16, 2010
By PuppyKaufman SILVER, Winthrop, Maine
PuppyKaufman SILVER, Winthrop, Maine
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Fires rage, waves swirl, land curls and wind howls
As these two creatures do battle.
Fire and air, land and water,
Who will win? Who will lose?
It all comes down to
You must choose,
Will u help this great planet?
Or watch as it is used up and succumbs to
Our raging desires,
Oil, air, the ozone layer
All being depleted fast.
The worst thing is its preventable.
Stop throwing your trash in
A lake and put it in a
Trash can for gods sake!
The human race and Mother Nature do battle every day,
But why must it be that way?
Why not work together in harmony?
To help this planet and economy’s?
And so I leave you on this note
the planet is sinking
no longer afloat.

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