Summer's Affair

August 2, 2010
By DasiaBaybee BRONZE, Hesperia, California
DasiaBaybee BRONZE, Hesperia, California
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Our Love...Is..Like
Tracing Your Beautiful Sun-Touched Skin..Ever So Slightly,
Whispering In Your Ear..
With As Gentle A Breeze..
As Mother Nature Will Allow For This Time Of Year...
We Are The Unfulfilled Adventures..We Are The Cracks In The Oak Tree..
Where Our Love Seeps Through Like Sap..
&With That Love...
Of Summer..
We Are The Sidewalk Chalk,
The Light Mist Of A Neighbors Sprinklers Tapping On Your Face..
The Dropped Ice Cream Cone..
We Are Crowded Pools&Beaches,Hazy Blue Skies&Green Grass..
We Are The Stickiness Of Our Sweat..
When Our Bodies Melt Into Eachother..
Like A Stray Ice Cube Forgotten On A Countertop..
&&With The
Tropical Fruits Of Our
Labored Breathing..
We Are
Of Summer..
I Am The Ocean Swell, And Your Are The Island I Crash Against..
Your Are The Rigid Palm Tree..
&& I Am The Peaceful Mind Solely Content With Watching You Sway..
Playing Tag With the Breeze
& With That...
We Are The EASE
Of Summer..
We Are The Flings& The Finally Confessed Dreams..
We Are The Long Nights With Especially Starry Skies..
The Shooting Wish Caught Just a Second Too Late..
Our Love Contains The Ingrediants
Of Legends..
&& With That..
Of Summer..
Our Love Is The Uninhibited Laughter..
The Ice Cream Truck Siren..
The Crackle Of Fire Works..
The Sweet, Soft Deliciousness Of Ripe Melons & Strawberries..
Are Second Only To Our Kisses..
And With That...
We Are The TEASE
Of Summer...
&& I'm
Carressing Stroking Touching Rubbing You
With The Precision Of A Surgeon..
Whose Only Instruments Are Flower Petals & Fingertips..
And With That..
Of Summer..
We Are The Closed Eyes ..The Whispered Thoughts..
The Stolen Kisses..The Longing&Doubts
We Are The Changes..The Visions Of Something Better...
The Comfortable Silences..
& With That..
We Are The SOUL
Of Summer..
Baby Hold Me Tighter As The
Sun Goes Lower
&& The
Days Grow Colder
As The Leaves VIbrant Greens..
Melt Away Into Wildfires Of Golds Reds And Yellows..
We Are Summer's Rapid Decline...
Ours Hands Slip Away As The Birds Fly && Leave..
As The Flowers Close & The Clouds Decide To Stay..
Our Smiles Fade As The..
Beautiful Heat Retreats Back To His Regular
Year Round Home..
Leaving Our Beach House Of Memories To Surrender To The Coming Cold..
See..He Was Only On Vacation....
Of Summer..
We No Longer Hear The Sweet Laughter ..
Or The
Ice Cream Sirens..
&&I Shiver For The 1st Time In A Long Time..
As Autumn Whispers Hello In My Ear..
Laughing At Me Knowing What She's Taking Away By Coming Back Home
Giving Me Chills..
Her Presence Enforces The Painful Thought
Of Going Back To A World Not Half So Bright
Or Illustrious
Or Beautiful... Without You..
And With This..
We Own This Summer..
Forever Will It Drip With The Paint We've Left On It..
Reminding Us Of Our Possibilities And Alternate Realities
Places Where Things Are As They Should Be..
Where People Are As They Should Be
Where Love Wins All Battles& Tears Are Never Spilled..Dreams Are Never Fear-Filled
&& Where ..We Wont Have To Leave Eachother..
&& With This
We Are The HOPE
Of Our Summer..
But Our
Is Disspearing So Quickly Its Making My Head Spin
&&With My Inner Warmth Dissappating
The Narcotics Of Summer-Laced Words&Feelings Begin To Wear Off..
&&Ice Cold Thoughts Start To Push Into My Sobering Mind..
Like Maybe ...Maybe ..We Weren't In Love Baby...
Maybe We Were Just In Season..
This Beautiful Rouge We Played Into That Won't Extend Into The Cold Months..
Leaving My Pained Heart Packed Away With Bathing Suits And Beachballs..
Wanting You So Badly &&
Embracing At The Thought Of Replaying It All
But Not Certain
I Can Stand
The Cycle
Of Watching You Fade All Over Again...
We Are The Star-Crossed Lovers;
The Romeo&Juliet.
The Tristian& Isolde.
The Lancelot& Guinevere
Of Our Summer

Dreading The Vicious Hurt Of GoodByes Already Set In Motion
&& With This..
Next Year Seems To Soon..

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