Broken Promises

August 2, 2010
Trying to get over you, to put you out of my heart, out of my mind and out of my life.
Though this is hurting me so much I need to put you behind me.
Fell for you and believed every word that ever came out of your mouth.
Telling me that this is the real thing.
That you wouldn't let me go and and I was gonna be yours forever.
Some of the very many promises you made but didn't keep.
The biggest promise was that you would never hurt me.
But you lied after pledging your love to me.
Swearing there could be no other for you.
Like a fool I believed that I was your one and only.
You broke not only my heart but all your promises too.
Broken promises are no good to me.
Heard so many of them but I thought yours were different and true.
Said you loved me and then move on.
Three days later you have someone else's name on your phone.
Don't know how much that's hurting me.
Say you did care for me
I want to know how you can tell someone you're here to protect them and then act
like you don't even care.
At first felt completely lost and alone.
Given up, lost the will to live.
I had given you my heart after hearing you say that I was yours and you were mine.
You knew what you were doing.
No more hoping, dreaming that one day you'll open up your eyes
and see I'm the one you can't live without, the one you can be yourself with.
I'm here right now no thanks to you.
Had my eyes opened and can now see I didn't need you to make me feel loved.
Going through all the memories trying to figure out why you chose not to wait.
All those times you called me your angel, can't help but wonder if you say that to every girl.
I guess forever isn't as long as it sounds.
Whats sad is the way I spend my time crying over you.
Knowing I'm not even on your mind instead its her the one that caused you so much pain before.

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