Ugh. I hate you.

August 2, 2010
By Anonymous

I hate you.
The way you make feel.
This isnt me.
I dont act like this
See this monster you've created??
I cant believe Ive let myself get this far out of hand.
Its like a beast inside of me that I cant control.
My eyes are white overcome by rage and fear of this beast.
Lurking so close waiting for the perfect moment.
The right prey. Just waiting to leap out and attack.
You. Youre are the target and through this hatred I am the violent uncontrolable beast.
Bloodthirsty. Your heart and soul being the blood I yearn to drink.
Yet you are unreachable, unotainable.
The prey I cannot locate. You are everything and everywhere.
You are the lifetime of empty promises, broken hearts, hoplessness.
You are the struggle I face everyday in life.
You are the cause for so much pain in the shambles of this charade we call life.
I cant get rid of this beast that I cannot face.
Maybe the beast isnt you. Maybe it lurks somewhere deep within me. Within all of us.
I hate myself.
For letting you make me this way.

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