August 23, 2010
A killing field for the rich and unfeeling,
devastating the graves of the deprived hard workers.
Striping their life away as if it was a cotton field,
picking one by one with a deep chilling.
Social disfiguration at its true state.
Political stances only create a society of turmoil,
no one’s right or no one’s wrong.
How can we survive without our true fate?
Any means necessary are taken to endure this barbaric earth.
Fate can't take its place even in a shack,
because hell constantly stalks where it goes.
Our decisions only decide who gets there first.
It was a nightmare that we couldn't escaped,
but we prevented as much as we could handle.
Now a factory employed by machines sits on the fields.
This factory has an owner, just a computer;
One that outcasts farmers into debt and the loss of land.
Families can't even afford their own bodies.
This nightmare became genocide of money being wasted.
Buying a car each year to eating out every day,
it's what you want because you need your wants.
Hopefully someone will stand up to face it.

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