The Girl Of Light And Darkness

August 22, 2010
By ZachBrehany SILVER, Warner Robins, Georgia
ZachBrehany SILVER, Warner Robins, Georgia
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She sits there all the time
watching her world melt
her past highly checkered
she is the girl of light and

pestered by
bothered by
haunted by
the ghost of her past
past family
past friends
past lovers
past memories

locked in her room
caged like a lion
her soul dies

she fights the demons
joins the angels
but darkness can be so tempting

the girl of light and darkness
tries to find refuge
two protectors
one guided friend
but darkness creeps in the corners
of the mind and soul

the temptation is too great
dark, sinful pleasures
she was weak
she fell into the void
the void of sin and no return

God gave her wings
wings that she may fly
only escape the darkness.
But darkness is still there
evil never dies
evil lives

friends abandoned her
friends spit and turn there backs on her
why not?
Friends are fiends
without the “R”

The girl of light and darkness
looks to save her life
destroy darkness
against her final friend
the light in her dies
darkness of her soul takes over
evil has reigned.

Equipped with an arm
at the house of Him
she confronts the Darkness
destroys him for his evil deeds
he done
unto her

confused, wondering,
darkness beheld the girl
the girl of light and darkness
introduced her arm to him

the shot
an explosion of fire and powder
went threw him.
Ends the reign of evil.

Arms extended,
God takes her
takes her into His kingdom
after a bullet of darkness went threw her.
Impaled her.

Why am I being accepted?”
God looked and smiled:
“When you purse wrong doing,
you take a step away from me.
But in my service.”

The girl of light and darkness
free from darkness
the girl of light.

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