August 21, 2010
It was a breezy day i could hear the wind brushing the leafs with just a whisper. I closed my eyes to stop staring at the image i had in front of me, it was a girl whose eyes were deep brown that with one look you could see her soul, but today they were red and filled with tears informing the world of her broken heart. That smiled that once captivated everyone she had ever met in her life was now covered by a deep from that could break every heart around except one "HIS." That charming laugh that could fill the room of joy was replaced by the sobs that were born deep down from her broken soul. I couldn't stand the sight of this once cheerful person, as i stood up to calm her down. I reach for her tear stricken face to wipe them away is when i realize that, that girl whose world had been broken by his lies was me and i was staring at my own reflection.

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