July 28, 2010
By Anonymous

Dads host cookouts and super bowls
Dads coach football baseball and soccer
Dads have your back for the broken vase
Dads make burgers like heaven on earth
Dads are a symbol a piece you see
Dads are the missing puzzle piece to joy
Dads cheer you up when you are gloom
Dads make you feel like your at home
Dads clear problems with a snore
Dads teach lessons like laziness and strength
Dads are great they don't leave you see
Except for mine
My dad doesn't host cookouts or super bowls
Or coach baseball football and soccer
Or has my back for the broken vase
Or makes burgers at least not for me
My dad is a missing puzzle piece gone forever
My dad can't make me feel at home
My dad won't teach me a single lesson
My dad is not dead he's alive you see
But he just simply won't care about me
He's gone forever and won't come back
To him I'm nothing at all
Something not meant to be made by he
But he'll see . . .

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