August 12, 2010
All the useless words my lips have uttered to you.
No reason.
No meaning.
No point to them.
They were hollow to you.
They had been filled to the brink with my emotions.
I felt love.
I felt pain.
I felt you ripping out my heart with those wrenching words.
I cried.
My cheeks were tear stained.
My heart ached for you.
My blue eyes were overfilled.
Tears fell from my lashes like rain.
Never ending.
Always pouring down.
I loved you.
And I thought you loved me too.
Why did you have to go and lie to me?
Why did you have to destroy me?
I’m broken because of you.
No one can fix me.
But I don’t want to be fixed.
I just want your love.
I want you to heal me.
To stitch up my heart.
Make it whole again.
I just wish you would take me back.
How I am.
But you won’t.
You’ve moved on.
Forgotten about me.
And it breaks my heart even more.
I’m trying to live without you but it’s so hard.
I’m trying to keep moving on.
Trying to forget you.
But all my attempts fail.
I need you in my life.
Even if all we could ever be is friends.
Please just tell me that we can be.
So I can stop wasting my time wishing for the impossible.

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