Au Revoir

August 18, 2010
Stars fade back into dust eventually,
As does everything else in this universe.
It seems strange to me that all of those tears I cried are gone now,
Lost somewhere in the greedy clutches of time.
Whatever happened to all of those promises we made,
So long ago?
Did they die along with the stars?
It's too dark to see the sky,
Too dark to see the answers to the questions I've been asking
but that's okay-
The answers exist SOMEWHERE,
And maybe one day I'll find them
Amongst the ashes of moons and technicolor dreams.
Does the pain really matter anymore?
Maybe I just imagined it,
As an escape to make you seem real,
When I know you're quickly fading
into a world I don't exist in.
You have left me to explore a new millennium,
Disappearing into a universe I can only vaguely imagine,
And I realize now that you are gone,
Like the stars who have died and whose ashes we've tried vainly to collect.
Au revoir mysterious phantom of my dreams,
I hope your travels suit you well.

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