August 12, 2010
By Anonymous

So easy as you
realize the end
has come to shake your hand hello
but you dont want to leave just yet
life may have beeen harder and to give in would suffice
yet you persist
death whispers into your ear his breath moist you dont turn away instead you listen.
it strokes your pale decading cheek but you just snuggle closer
than it barely touches your trembling fingers that feel it and they sweat but you just grip them into a fist
and right before its patience comes to an extent to posses her soul
she just happens to smile in the most delicate and satisfying form
you could have only captured it if a blink of misfortune had not gotten in the way
those who love her conserve it difficult to obliterate
her last breath taken from her by life.

The author's comments:
this poem came to me from the death of my grandfather.

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