July 14, 2010
By , lalaland, UT
When I’m with him
My mind is filled with cotton,
My lungs drag out for breath,
My heart flutters and thuds erratically,
And thrums against my chest.
My hands shake beyond my control,
My eyes are glued to him.
My legs don’t support me,
But he’s already holding me up.
Cradling me like a baby,
High off the ground in arms,
Stronger than any fairytale prince.
Or vampire,
Whichever you choose…
My guy’s better.
He holds me close,
And talks gently.
He understands,
And listens to my unending prattle…
He says I’m the most beautiful girl he’s ever met…
He puts me before him
He stands up in my name,
He helps me,
And lets me cry.
He never gets mad,
Never wants to hurt me.
Always trying,
Me to smile,
To laugh
And giggle.
He loves me.

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