I See, Part I

August 10, 2010
By Crystal_Colossae PLATINUM, Madison, Wisconsin
Crystal_Colossae PLATINUM, Madison, Wisconsin
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I cannot understand this;
I can't comprehend,
Why such a sweet person
Would push himself away.
I thought you had changed for the worst,
To a fool,
A jerk,
And all you would do for the next few years
Would be to tease me,
Make fun of me,
"Joking," of course,
Although I do not enjoy such "fun".
Little did I know you were still under there,
Simply hiding,
Simply lost.

The moment I was alone with you,
When everyone else had left,
Nearly the instant they cleared,
You began to morph.
You held out the doors--
Three of them there were--
And granted me your best wishes,
And the conversations that followed,
Though not astounding in themselves,
Were brilliant because of your manner,
Containing neither one obscene utt'rance
Nor one snide remark.

When we parted, I did not want to leave,
To spring,
Quite as I typically do.
No, I was content with splitting,
But the desire was not fervent,
For this once, I had enjoyed myself.
I nearly felt the need to bid farewell,
As I had not in num'rous moons.

How does that work?
No grasping had I,
But the very next day,
In class you went right back to your old way,
And then again when we were alone,
You were kind and polite,
You did not curse once,
And we agreed on so many issues.
I was forced to recognize your facade,
Yes, I saw right through your plan.
A showy display you put on for your freinds,
With language,
With comments,
With "jokes".
That is why you are a jerk;
You're not really a jerk,
But it is the part you play,
To cause them to laugh,
To make yourself seem likeable,
Because you're no different than they...
But you are! Why,
When you are so wonderful,
Would you hide your beautiful soul?
Do not think I do not know who you are,
Old friend;
Don't think I can't see.

The author's comments:
Penned 15 June 2007

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