What is this word?

August 10, 2010
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What is this word I can't find, hidden deep down in a books bind, covered in dust,
way high on a shelf,
this book hasn't been opened for centuries,
my fingers brush away at the hard covered surface,
the word on the cover,
printed in gold,
is L.O.V.E.,
what does this mean,
what is its purpose,
I recall hearing it once,
but then it vanished into the restricted word vault,
it must be from 2001,
when the world last used this now meaningless word,
for it's been fifty years,
and this word "Love" is now banned,
my mother calls,
I slip the book into my bag,
say goodbye to the nearby librarian,
and leave quickly,
the librarian as the door slams,
has a smile on her face,
she reaches under the counter,
pulls out a book,
walks over to the shelf,
and gold letters shimmer on this newly bound book,
as its placed on the shelf,
she walks away,
for she hopes,
that this word Love,
will resurface in years to come.

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