Silent Sentences: Prisoners of Words

August 10, 2010

Blank white walls
Bars of Black
Letters etched on
Words shackled down
Strung together hand in hand
Too close for comfort
No room to move
No air to breathe
Tiny spaces of separation
Stuck forever arm in arm
Trying to escape
White walls crying to be written on
Chosen one’s screaming to get out
Victims of the day
Prisoners for life
Beneath the shavings
A message lies
Begging for freedom
Dripping from a page
But what does it all mean
Silent messengers
Quiet drummers
Echoing thoughts
Dripping from a page
Tape over mouth
Can’t get out
Stuck in Translation
Time Stands Still
Only moving past an eye
Only possibility for retreat
But then they close the cover
Stuck forever
Between the bars
Behind a white wall
Words eternally dripping from a page

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