you are summer

August 6, 2010
You are summer
Sunlight glimmers off your face
Your smile brings heat
My face burns red when you smile at me
Your memory smells like the grass you used to cut
That was the same color as your eyes
And when you’d look into me
I saw past the image you put off to the world

You are summer
Beautiful because you are a break from the world
Gifting us with your presence as long as time would allow
It couldn’t be cold when you were around
Because you seared through me
And brought warmth wherever you were
And I was ok with you

You are summer
Because that was when I loved
When I could see the beauty and appreciate everything you gave to me
Now that you’re gone, I’m left wondering
If you were real and if it really meant anything
Summertime you would have reminded me that I was wrong
And then, I would have believed you
But it’s hard to remember your promises right now

You are summer
Because you were only here for a season
And now you are gone, and it’s hard to think you’ll ever be back
When we are in the cold winter and I’m freezing over
You aren’t here to tease me out of this mood
And to thaw me out with your laughter and smile

You are summer
Because every day I miss you more
And I wish away that you’d come back to me if only for a season…

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