August 9, 2010
In a field of crowded flamingoes my black wings take flight
I fly towards the gates as they open up before me,
Beconing me to the world of the blessed
As I take landing on your soft cotton ground, I feel welcomed by the familiar scent of home.
I’m reunited with your warm arms, drowning me in your endless embrace,
Your curls of auburned ruby brushing my cheek as I dissapear in your presence.
The sights and sounds of your home overwhelming my senses
Welcoming me to my own heaven, with my angels taking me in their arms again.
The missing links of our souls finding their match once more
As the chorus erupts and the engines sound,
We take flight above the grounds,
Overlooking the young and the loved
As we exchange looks of smiles and sarcasm,
We land amongst the ordinary, gracing them with our diversity.
Our inside jokes, our beachside memories
Our lives unfolding once more, leaving space for yet another milestone
Simply to be remembered and cherished as much as 15 years,
Of perfect friendship and love.
And as we both live, grow, and change
Together even if separated by reality
May we both land amongst the blackened wings
As none but the brightest of flamingoes.

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