He Met Himself

August 7, 2010
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He Met Himself

I speak about a star
Who was only ‘born’ a male
A person who reigned millions of hearts
His journey no less than a fairy tale

He spent a teenage which most did not
A phase of glamour and sensation
He produced works and moves of magnificence
That gripped the entire nation

With age grew his fame
And great wealth was just another feature
A world-wide familiar name
For singers and dancers, he was the best teacher

There came a time of abundant marvel
A world of eternal success
But what he could seldom achieve
Was the presence of genuine happiness

He spent on himself more than lavishly
A spree of purchase with the question of satisfaction
Every cent he earned was greeted as levity
An eccentric living without a single thoughtful action

And there came a divine realization, whilst he placed,
Another great achievement on the shelf
That there remained no riches he hadn’t enjoyed
But the fact that he never met himself

So he went out on an Odyssey
To bridge the abyss of spiritual emptiness
To search for the truth, as far as the heart could see
And the purpose of life, surely more than a mere ornamented dress.

And when he returned back
He may have lost the fame which he feasted on before
But he lived a new life, no more the perpetuated slack
A long lost happiness, which forever he could adore.

He kisses the guide and admires the treasure
And places the achievement on the same shelf
But this time the achievement’s a religious scripture
Who taught that life’s no levity, and helped Him meet Himself!

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