August 2, 2010
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This is the century
When cries escaping shelters are
When citizens become refugees
When refugees make up most of the world’s population

This is the century
When holy land becomes a land of war
When children are claimed dispossessed and poor
No homes, no schools

This is the century
A century filled with harsh times
The rich walk with millions
While the poor beg for nickels and dimes

This is the century
Of a generation numbed for too long
Longing to escape
Peering behind gates of oppression
To the prospect of freedom

This is the century
When hesitant parents refrain
From the talk of the birds and the bees
Yet the lack of care, only brings us AIDS and STDS

This is the century
When shades of different backgrounds
Hold each others hands, Standing together
Firmly gripping as if to not let go
Fearing suspected criticism from the older generation
Whose thoughts remain in the past
Brainwashed by thoughts of remaining outcasts

If we seek the manifestation of a peaceful world
If we are to halt judgmental thoughts
Then this is the century

If we are to shape the world
If we are to do the math
Add love and peace
Divide it amongst the people
Equals happiness squared
Joy is shared, hatred impaired
Then this is the century

If we hope to see more youths standing up, speaking out
Speaking out against injustice and affirming life
Siding with good and affirming peace
Then this is the century

This is the century
If you want to make a difference, your time is now
This is the century that needs you

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TK24 said...
Sept. 3, 2010 at 2:56 pm
Wow this poem is truly amazing. I can't believe the passion in this poem. Hope it gets published!!
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