The Coconut Trap

August 9, 2010
By Julia Grant SILVER, Dexter, Michigan
Julia Grant SILVER, Dexter, Michigan
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A sickly sweet smell
Like an overpowering perfume
Fills my nose as I read the piece of paper from my box of chocolates
A heart shaped map to the minefield
Of truffles and nougat centers in front of me
In the anticipation of the most hideous taste ever created
Like a pirate looking for the X that marks the spot
I search instead for a chocolate cloaked, slyly hiding coconut filled chocolate
The cackling cage of Caribbean coconut covered by coffee colored candy
An innocent dark chocolate truffle catches my eye
And I think that chocolate couldn’t have
Any detestable coconut
I carefully inspect the snail shell of swirled chocolate
Before I take a bite
And taste the
Teeth grating
Spine tingling texture of the much too sweet
Despite all of my efforts
To avoid the worst of the chocolate box

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