Bloodstained Letter

August 9, 2010
By xARQx BRONZE, Fountain Valley, California
xARQx BRONZE, Fountain Valley, California
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"Sometimes I Get Up To Fall In Love With You Again."

I Am But A Fool
To Have Thought Of Such Things.
The Life Of One Such As Myself
Is Too Insignificant For Death To Seek,
Thus My Journey To Search For Death.

Humans Are Unworthy For Life And Death.
The Pains Of Life
And The Insecurities Of Death,
Create Fear And Chaos.
Tears And Scars.
War And Disorder.
Suspicions And Betrayals.

The Result Of Such Negativity
Is The Search For The Higher Power.
Believing In A Being Dictating Our Lives
And The Creation Of Many Beliefs
And In Turn The Origins Of War.

In Reality We Are All Alone.
We Seek Others To Complete Us,
But We Only Believe It Is So.
Reality Is The Death Of Belief.

The Ferocity Of The Human Mind
Is Like That Of A Beast.
Once Allowed To Be Free,
Rationality Will Fail
And Morality Shall Die.

I Leave This Letter Written In My Blood
For The One To Read And Think.
Think For The Reason Why Humans
Fear Life And Death.

I Leave This Bloodstained Letter For You.

The author's comments:
I like reading and watching things about the human psyche. One day my History class was talking about how human history will eventually repeat itself, so using what I learned and the conversation together I created this piece.

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