Behind my back.

August 8, 2010
By maggiebar1 GOLD, Valparaiso, Indiana
maggiebar1 GOLD, Valparaiso, Indiana
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your heart
your love
different things.
your heart
given to me,
but empty.
you didn’t fill it up
with your love,
maybe you forgot?
perhaps you decided
to hide it
from me,
play games of
hide and seek.
you see,
i’m not It.
you are.
you’re the only one,
finding your own love.
the only one who can
give it to me.
can i be sure you’re something
i miss when you’re away?
you’re taking a long
time to find that
missing love of yours.
i’m getting bored
watching you play this game.
you see,
i remembered
to fill my heart up,
before I started watching you.
i’m ready to give
my full heart,
brimming over and
spilling on the sides,
coating my heart,
like a chocolate-covered strawberry.
your heart,
it’s not filled at all
the bottom is dried
looks real thirsty.
how i’d love
to stay
wait for you,
but i can’t anymore.
my heart
is starting to dry too.
i don’t want it looking like yours.
should chance call upon us,
and you come to play again,
be sure to come see me.
i believe your love was hiding
behind my back.

The author's comments:
A story of a boy who hides his love from a girl who is eager to please him. She realizes hes not worth waiting for, and tells him when he really wants to find his love, it's been with her the whole time.

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