Sonia's lullaby

August 8, 2010
By Anonymous

Weeping willow why are you crying?
Is it your watery bark that brings the tears
or are you hiding untold fears?

Weeping willow why are you so quiet?
Have your tears turned you sappy and made your branches pliant
or is it because deep down inside your covering a pain
that's impossible to bear?

Weeping willow why do you pretend?
Is it your slender branches that begs for more leaves when they disappear
or have you falling so low that your roots won't let you transcend?

Weeping willow why do you hang your head so,
is it your roots that have taken too much cuttings
or the words of broken trust from an admired hero?

Weeping willow dry your eyes,
you have nothing to fear or hide
for neither me nor them
with sin can condemn

weeping willow stand strong,
your roots have been cultivated to endure things much harder than this
For even the Thames embrace and
cling to you reminiscent of a lover's kiss

weeping willow
spine so graceful,
won't you steady those branches and let us feel your warmth?

Weeping willow why do you frown?
Is it because I cannot stay and have to leave you one day?

Weeping willow,
spring's first love,
winter approaches as fall rips us apart
but do not weep for long though your may branches droop
because I'll always come back
and I promise never to forget you

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