August 4, 2010
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Where will this path lead me?
I see nothing but darkness, guilt and self destruction.
My next move is counter-productive,
but I smile moving down along my path,
skipping merrily with joy
as I go to meet my doom,
give me room.
For though I shall regret,
I will have my closure,
and I shall then forget.
I know where this path goes,
treaded and worn,
everyone goes
at least once.
Let me go down this path,
and despite the death and destruction
I forsee at the end of the day
let me skip merrily and joyfully,
whistling along my way.

Where will this path lead me?
I hope no fools succeed me
and I hope those fools like me heed me,
because trust me,
I know where this path leads me.

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