So Are You

July 26, 2010
By , Caledon, Canada
You're rude, you're creepy, you're awful and mean,
You have the biggest ego I've ever seen,
You're shallow, you're crude – you're not very smart,
You lead girls on, just to break their hearts,
You make trouble and think it's good fun,
You're everything I've ever hated in a guy – all rolled into one.
You wear too much axe – nothing you say is true,
I hate you so much that I love you.

You make me feel more than I have ever felt,
You just have to smile at me – and I melt,
I'm laughing with my friends – trying not to cry,
And then I see you – out of the corner of my eye,
You're wearing a black hoodie, and talking to her,
Everything else in my life becomes a blurr,
I hear my friend talking, but I'm not really listening,
Because I can't get over how much I want to scream,
“I LIKE YOU! ARE YOU BLIND? Why don't you see?!
All I've ever wanted is for you to like me...”

You're funny, you're nice, you're cute and sweet,
I don't know how – but you make me complete,
You're amazing, you're special, I wish you were mine,
I remember how you once called me valentine...
You always make everything so much more fun,
You're everything I've ever loved in a guy – all rolled into one.
Your hugs are perfect – you cheer me up too,
I love you so much that I hate you.

I love you, and I hate you – it's all true,
That may be confusing – but so are you.

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