July 26, 2010
You seek the light in the dead of night searching for your soul to give.
Feeding off the life off the ones you love.
Seeking life in any place you go, praying someone might take you in, so you can feed off their love.
But you know about your "problem". So they avoid you.
You take them anyway, forcing them to their death.
Your satisfied, but you still feel empty inside, like you have no heart.
Your cold, no blood runs through your dried up veins.
Your eyes are as black a moonless night, no stars shine for you.
As you watch your family die you shed no tears, you feel no pain.
You laugh at the world as it plummets to the gates of Hell, because of your problem.
No one loves you, that's what you feel, you separate yourself from the rest of the world because you feel as though we hate you, but you are the one who hates us.
Avoids us, only comes near us so you can feed off our souls!
Soon there will be no one left.
you will have no more souls to feed on, will you finally shed a tear?
Feel pain?
What will happen to you then?
Will you feed off you fade like the rest of us or feed off you own souls?

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