Life: The Poem

July 25, 2010
By Anonymous

Life is but a book
It holds good, bad, and surprising things
That make you itch to look

Life is but a roller coaster
It’s fun and exciting
With numerous ups and downs

Life is but a television remote
It lets you decide what to do,
When you should do it,
Where and why it will happen

Life is but a friend
In the good times and the bad times,
And everything in the middle, it’s there

Life is but a good memory
You can relive as many parts as you want
As many times as you want
For as long as you want

Life is but a sunny day
It is enjoyable and relaxing,
Yet it provides the necessary ingredients for all the excitement one could ever need

Life is but a textbook
It teaches you all the necessary information
And yet time is still left for one’s pleasure

Life is but a wrapped present
It contains something wonderful,
Which you are fully aware of,
And invites you to come unwrap it
Though sometimes the “gift” is unappealing on the surface,
Once you dig deep, it’s as true as the day

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